Social Media Marketing

Companies will use social media to advertise for a number of reasons. A company could be trying to market to a younger audience, being that the younger generations, ie millennials are populating social media like immigrants populating the prairies in the 30’s. Social media advertising also is much much cheaper than print or other mediums traditionally use. Posting an add on Facebook and following it up with some interaction outside your network on Instagram could cost less than $100. Obviously the products being marketed on social media are already finally tuned to appeal to the people on the platform – you will never see an ad for dentures on Instagram after scrolling past something Kim Kardashian posted. But the actual campaign that runs on social media will be designed and implemented in different ways that something that runs on television. Adds on social media are direct and usually visual based. And the tactics change from platform to platform depending on which one the campaign will be ran on.

Let’s compare an advertisement on Instagram to one that runs on Twitter. Stuff that runs on Twitter is usually analytics based, touching on growth, connections, statistics because that’s what most of the content on Twitter that isn’t ads is. Instagram on the other hand is much different. On Instagram, you will see more visually based add, typically seeing ads that are scenic, appealing or eye catching images that have the product incorporated into it. Instead of posting a picture of a jacket against a back drop with the price, why not post a picture of someone climbing a mountain with this jacket on.

Each platform has a specific audience and a specific style. It has been reiterated to us as students that your advertising content must resemble the posts that surround it.


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